The Royal Stud & Royal Mews

The Horses' Headquarters

Founded at Hampton Court in the sixteenth century, the Royal Stud has been closely linked to the evolution of the throughbred horse.

The Royal Paddocks at Hampton Court are still in use today and, together with the studs at Sandringham and Wolferton in Norfolk and Polhampton in Berkshire, constitute one of the leading establishments in Great Britain.

Horses bred at the Royal Studs over the last 200 years have won virtually every major race in Britain and have exerted an important influence on thoroughbred racing and breeding throughout the world.

The enthusiasm and interest of The Queen for both racing and especially breeding has meant that the Royal Studs have had great success in the last fifty-one years.

Today, The Queen has about twenty-five horses in training each season. The two stallions standing at Sandringham are Royal Applause (co-owned) and the Derby winner Motivator (syndicated). Both horses appropriately spend their days in luxurious paddocks which have been developed in the old Walled Garden.

A Royal Mews has existed at Buckingham Palace since 1761, having become a substantial establishment during Queen Victoria’s reign as the number of horses and staff expanded to fit the requirements of the Sovereign’s family and official household.

Today, the Royal Mews is still a busy working yard which houses 30 carriage horses, principally Windsor Grays or Cleveland Bays, and over 30 members of staff including liveried helpers, coachmen and logistical staff.


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