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Owner of Victoria Gallery, Lindsey Knapp is offering ‘Sporting Art for the Discerning.’ Therein are many dog and horse pieces from paintings to pottery, Essex Crystals to Black Forest carvings and occasionally diamonds!

Lindsey founded her Gallery in 2000 which is situated in the grounds of Cholmondeley Castle, ancestral home of the Marchioness of Cholmondeley.

Collectors of original painting and drawings can choose from among others, a study of a Foxhound’s head by Arthur Wardle, a particularly fine oil painting of a Hunter by Thomas Percy Earl or a selection of etchings and originals by the renowned Cecil Aldin.

Works by Maud Earl range from a set of coursing playing cards to two prints that are rarely seen, a large signed artist’s proof of two Pointers and a similar one ‘Waiting their Turn’ of a Flatcoat retriever and three Spaniels. Herbert Dicksee is also well represented with etchings of his work including an excellent signed artist’s proof copy of ‘Ready’ and others. Lindsey is one of the main dealers and collectors specialising in Cecil Aldin. So Aldin enthusiasts will be in heaven. To whet the appetite, in addition to his originals, there is a great selection of prints, a set of six drinks coasters, three featuring his favourite breed, the Sealyham, sets of playing cards and a selection of rarely seen Aldin pottery led by a large extremely rare Royal Staffordshire Pottery Vase and Matching plate. Titled ‘The First’ is decorated all round with a scene of Partridge shooting over Pointers, which was also published in Aldin’s equally rare book ‘A Sporting Garland’ in 1902.

Memorabilia and Ephemera include a Greyhound whip made by the London whips makers Ashford, whose clients included Queen Victoria, a Black Forest carving of a Retriever flushing game mounted on a naturalistic carved base that serves as a holder for keys. A Saluki/Borzoi carved head walking stick with glass eyes and a silver collar. Also a Brigg walking stick depicting a Fox Terrier carved head.

Jewellery is always welcome as presents and Lindsey offers a large selection of sporting goods in both silver and gold. There is a particularly fine Essex Crystal carved as a greyhound’s head set in rose gold and mounted on a stock pin and a Marcus & Co French Horn brooch. A particularly fine and rare set of Royal Worcester Menu holders in the form of Three Foxhounds and a Fox. Also many other Royal Worcester, Doris Lindner pieces.

Bronze sculptures chiefly by modern animaliers and include a rarity by the renowned Sally Rutherford ‘Full Cry’ showing four foxhounds jumping a log and is the artist’s proof of the sold out edition of five. One of which fetched $10,500.00 at Sotheby’s in New York in 2006.

Lindsey’s website shows a wide range of stock and she is based at 2/3 Estate Yard Cottage. Cholmondeley Park. Cholmondeley. Nr Malpas. Cheshire. SY14 8HA. Visitors are made very welcome, but please always call for an appointment.

Ref: Nick Waters & SLK.

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